Quilt Show Categories

Lake County Quilters Guild, Inc.  

 FANtastic Quilt Show February 23 & 24, 2018



100   Pieced Stationary Machine Quilted – More that 50% pieced ANY SIZE
200   Small Pieced Longarm Quilted –  More than 50% pieced, less than 290” in perimeter
300   Large Pieced Longarm Quilted – More than 50% pieced, 290 or more in perimeter
400   Pieced Hand Quilted – Hand Quilted More than 50% pieced, any size
500   Solo Longarm Quilted – Pieced or Applique any Size, completely made and quilted by Entrant.
600   Applique Hand Quilted – More than 50% Applique, any size
700   Applique Stationary Machine Quilted – More than 50% applique, any size
800   Applique Longarm Quilted – more than 50% applique, any size
900   Group Quilts – Quilts made by 3 or more people, this would include Round Robin Quilts as well as Block Exchange Quilts.  Any size or technique.
1000  Embroidered/Computer Aided Quilts – Any size quilt utilizing machine embroidery or digitized designs, including piecing and applique (applique in the hoop) done with the aid of a computerized sewing machine, where the computer has control of the actual stitching, and not using traditional hand guided methods.  This does not mean regular hand guided stitching done on a computerized machine.
1100  Art Quilts/Innovative – entrants own original design **any size, any style, utilizing the principals of good design.  (This category does not include quilts made using traditional blocks in a traditional type of setting where the quilter did not use a commercial pattern)
1200  Modern Quilts – Any size, and style, inspired by modern design.  Can be reinterpreted traditional blocks; usually includes high contrast bold colors and prints, improvisational piecing and expansive negative space.  May contain alternate gridwork and asymmetry.
1300  Other Techniques Quilts – Crazy Quilts, Yo-yo’s, Cathedral Window, Hand Embroidery & quilts with special techniques, ie folded fabric, fabric manipulation etc.
1400  Miniature Quilts – Must be a small version of a full size quilt traditional quilt or wall hanging, including whole cloth and Applique.   Maximum finished Block size 4” (example – if a nine patch block the finished sized of the nine patch must be 4” or less) *96” or less perimeter
1500  Wearable Art – must have at least 2 layers of fabric with some type of stitching or quilting holding it together.  The item may contain an interior lining that is not quilted.  May not include hats, handbags or totes.
1600  Guild Challenge Entries
Special Exhibit – YOUTH QUILTS – Age 17 and under, Must be family member of a guild member.  Only 1 entry per youth, 200” or less perimeter, any style


  • The Exhibitor must be a guild member and the maker(s) of the quilt, excluding the quilting stitches. Quilts that have been quilted by someone other than the entrant are not eligible for any of the following awards, Best Hand Quilting, Best Stationary Machine Quilting and Best Long Arm quilting, they are eligible for all other awards.
  • All Quilts, except the Challenge and Youth Quilts will be judged by a Certified Judge.
  • One entry maximum per category, per member. There is a $5.00 fee per entry.
  • Maximum of 3 quilts per member in the show. Challenge, Wearables and Miniatures categories do not count in the total per member.
  • Pink registration Form and Green Entry Form for each entry, including Youth
  • All categories, except 900 (Group Quilts), must be made entirely by the entrant, excluding quilting stitches.
  • Stationary Machine Quilted – quilting by machine where you are moving the fabric under the needle of the machine and the machine is stationary.
  • Longarm Machine Quilted – quilting by machine where the fabric is held stationary and the machine is moved over the fabric.
  • Perimeter refers to the measurement all the way around the outside of the quilt.
  • Applique is fastening a fabric piece on top of another fabric using hand or machine stitches or a fusible product, or any other method of attachment.
  • The suggested maximum width of a quilt is 96”. If the Width of an entry exceeds this amount, it may not hang straight.
  • A 5”inch sleeve must be attached to the back of all categories, except, 1400, 1500 and 1600
  • The top of the sleeve must be 85 “from the bottom” of a large quilt to prevent the quilt from dragging on the floor.
  • The owners name and phone number must be stitched to a lower corner of each quilt back or the inside of a wearable item.
  • Please cover your name (any place it may appear on the front or back of a quilt or item) by using a piece of Muslin pinned with safety pins. PLEASE DO NOT USE STRAIGHT PINS – disqualification may result.
  • A fabric bag, with your name on it is required for each entry. NO PLASTIC BAGS FOR ANY ENTRY.
  • All Items included in the Fabric bag with your entry must be identified with your name.
  • Quilts that require special handling will not be accepted. Your quilt must be able to be stacked with other quilts, without damage to it or causing damage to other entries. If you are concerned over attachments to your quilt you may box your quilt and then slip the box into a bag the approximate size of a pillowcase (18 x 36).  We will not be responsible for damage caused by stacking the quilts for judging and storing prior to the show, or upon return.
  • NO ridged frames, rods or mounting devices may be sewn into the sleeves of the quilts.
  • All quilts must be clean and free of pet and/or smoke odor.
  • If a category has less than 5 entries, those entries may be moved to another category.
  • We reserve the right to choose the entries for display if more entries are received than can be properly exhibited.
  • Quilts that have been quilted by someone other than the entrant are not eligible for any of the Best quilting awards, ie., Hand, Stationary Machine and Long Arm, they are eligible for all other awards.

Judged Entries:  1st, 2nd, 3rd place ribbons will be awarded, if merited in each judged category.  Honorable Mention Ribbons will be awarded when merited.  Best of Show will be selected from the 1st place winners, additional ribbons will be awarded for Judges Recognition, Best Applique Quilt, Best Pieced Quilt, Best Hand Quilting, Best Stationary Machine Quilting, and Best Longarm Machine Quilting,  Cash Prizes are $25.00 for First Place, $15.00 for 2nd Place, $10.00 for 3rd Place, $5.00 for Honorable Mention; $50.00 for Best of Show and $25.00 for Judges Recognition, Best Applique Quilt, Best Pieced Quilt, Best Hand Quilting, Best Stationary Machine Quilting, and Best Longarm Machine Quilting.  All judged entry Ribbons will be placed on the quilts before the show opens on Friday.

All guild Challenge entries will be judged by a separate committee for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons, with cash awards of $25.00 for 1st Place, $15.00 for 2nd Place and $10.00 for 3rd Place.  Judges Recognition Award may be awarded to any quilt in any category that the judge chooses.  Viewer’s ChoiceOne ribbon will be awarded in each category from all show entries, judged and non-judged, There will be NO cash prizes for Viewer’s Choice Awards.  The Viewer’s Choice Awards will be awarded on Saturday afternoon.

Youth Quilts are not eligible for awards but will receive recognition.



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